Our working principle is “bench breaking engineering” or “benchineering”. This means on the one hand that we do not just settle for the technical status quo, rather we are always one step ahead with innovations. On the other hand it means that you set the benchmark for our range of services. Regardless of whether you work for a large international company or are a regional supplier, whether you are expanding, modernizing, or extending your food production, want to cross-enter or start up in it, we will design the best solution according to your requirements and your company‘s goal.

Customizing, i.e. tailoring our services, machinery and plants to the customer‘s needs, is standard in our network. We start with your product idea and then adapt the process and plant to it. Because it is only when these three harmonize and run smoothly that production quality and capacity come right and you achieve optimum value creation.

ROI calculations for our customers show: Needs-orientated functionality combined with premium quality pays off.


The distinct innovative culture within our group of companies characterizes us.
Ingenuity, ambition and a passion for excellent machinery are what bind us together.

  • Innovative thinking makes you always one step ahead. Natec, for example, is the technology leader in processed cheese applications such as slices, cubes and shreds, as is Gold Peg in the continuous cooking sector.
  • From a technological point of view, we enable you to develop an edge over the competition, to realize new product ideas and tap into new markets.
  • Industry 4.0 advances automation. We work on the digital cross-linking of machinery and plants for food production.