Bench breaking engineering

Benchineering© is a term coined by Natec Network to describe the multidimensional approach that ties together the skills, experience and capabilities related to addressing plant, process and product needs within the Natec Network, and allows a customer´s predetermined benchmarks, and, if possible, desired or required, to go beyond them.
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The aim of our work:
your optimum value creation

Customizing, i.e. tailoring our services, machinery and plants to the customer‘s needs, is standard in our network. We start with your product idea and then adapt the process and plant to it. Because it is only when these three harmonize and run smoothly together as a solid solution that production quality and capacity come right and you achieve optimum value creation.

For all business stages

"With the Benchineering© approach, customers receive our expert support regardless of the stage of their business case and of their position in the industry. No matter if it is renovation or innovation, streamlining or expansion, well established producer or newcomer, we support customers with technology and know-how tailored to their requirements but always aiming to exceed their needs and desires. Working with our group of companies brings you, the food producer, the cooperative, inspired and reliable key partner to achieve the sustainable value creation you need", says Thomas Haas, MD at Hochland Natec.

Ask for ROI calculation

The success of the Benchineering© approach has been reflected in ROI calculations for the network’s customers,
showing how needs-orientated engineering combined with premium equipment truly pays off.

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