RotaTherm ®


Continuous cooker heating the formulation quickly and evenly with increased yield and low waste.

The Gold Peg RotaTherm® is a unique single stage continuous cooking system. It provides significant flexibility, automation and control across a diverse range of products and processing conditions delivering considerable benefits. The Gold Peg RotaTherm® enables optimised processing of a complete range of product types, viscosities and compositions like processed cheese, hybrid mozzarella, sauces, purees, baby food, meat, pet food and more.


  • Fast and even heating by unique steam fusion technology with multiple steam injector points
  • Diverse range of products and flexible processing conditions – low temperature, pasteurise, UHT & Aseptic
  • Consistent quality with reduced formulation costs and reduced waste
  • Efficient energy usage and fully CIP-able
  • Highly automated with choice of operating systems

Your Options

» Long non-stop production – up to 156 hours
» Blending and feeding systems
» Vacuum cooling and de-aeration systems
» Liquid dosing

Technical Data

Capacity data
50 – 17,000 kg/h (110 – 37,500 lbs/h)

Run time
Up to 156 h

Heating temperature
Pasteurise, UHT and aseptic –
from 40 to 145 °C

Steam, air, water and power as required

Stand alone, or integrated into CIP kitchen

Construction materials meet all the requirements
of the food industry