PreGrinder ®


Grinding cheese and butter blocks / barrels into fist-sized pieces. Frozen products (up to -20°C) are possible.

The Natec PreGrinder® is designed to grind cheese and butter blocks / barrels into fist-sized pieces. The PreGrinder® is able to grind blocks and barrel goods with a temperature up to -20°C. As a result of this shredding process the grinder beneath is able to continuously grind all these products. There is a signal exchange between PreGrinder ® and grinder to make sure that the grinder always has the correct filling level. The lifting device is controlled by this system too.


  • The Natec PreGrinder® ensures hygiene, cost-effective production and high productivity
  • The central control and surveillance system guarantees high operator comfort and trouble free production
  • Grinds cheese and butter blocks / barrels

Your Options

» Lifting device for 200 / 300kg ISO-carts
» Lifting device for container feeding
» Feeding via conveyor

Technical Data

Standard: 400V, 50Hz, 3 phase /
On request special voltages or frequencies
are available according to
customer’s request

Manually cleaning

Capacity data
max. batch size : 800 l
(capacity can be adjusted by the
frequency converter, depending on
the product)
To get a better performance both
shafts are running with different

Machine data
L x W x H: 7,400 x 4,000 x 5,500 mm
(289” x 153” x 214”)
Weight: approx. 2,500 kg

According to CE guidelines