Multifunctional and cost-effective batch system for producing processed cheese, pasta filata types, sauces, purees, baby food, meat, pet food and more.

The Gold Peg FreeTherm  is purpose designed batch processing system for a complete range of product types, viscosities and compositions, such as: processed cheese, pasta filata types, sauces, purees, baby food, meat, pet food and more. All ingredients are gently mixed by two independently controlled augers. Product heating utilises unique Gold Peg direct steam injectors and the product is de-aerated using an integrated vacuum sytem. Temperature is accurately monitored by Gold Peg unique self-cleaning temperature probes. After processing, the product is discharged into an insulated buffer tank, with an agiator, to wait for delivery to downstream systems. Great flexibility and different options make the FreeTherm a multifunctional batch processing system for a wide range of products.


  • Multifunctional batch processing system for cost-effective production and providing excellent finished product quality
  • Mixing pattern flexibility increases blending and heating efficiency
  • Effective heating using unique direct steam injectors which eliminate product hotspots
  • integrated vacuum system for de-aeration for density control and colour stability
  • Different automatic programs for easy production and CIP
  • Central control and surveillance system for high operating comfort
  • Fully enclosed, CIP able, hygienic design ensuring product safety


» Bin lifter for ingredients addition
» Level measurement for exact dosage and traceability
» Steam conditioning unit
» Powder and ingredient addition systems
» Shear pump for products like spreadable cheese

» Shaft seal upgrade
» Cleaning via Connection to an existing CIP pump
» Combined discharge and CIP pump
» Double jacketing of the processing vessel
» Different mixing auger executions available depending on the product requirement

Technical Data

Capacity data
Up to five batches per hour

Depending on product and temperature

Heating temperature
Up to 98 ° C (208 °F) by
direct steam injection

Machine voltage
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase

Different voltages available

All product contact surfaces are
316L stainless steel

Automatic cleaning via spray
balls and integrated systems

Can be connected to an existing CIP system