FreeStacker ® S180


Continuously stacking and grouping of SOS stacks.

The Natec SOS FreeStacker® S180 is designed to fulfil the new and faster speed requirements of the Natec FreeSlice® system. The automatic FreeStacker® can also be used as a self-supporting unit. It is able to stack single SOS stacks into multiple stack. After stacking, the system is also able to group the stacks into groups of 2 to 6 stacks (grouping of single stacks is also possible). The final formats are fed into the downstream Flowpacker.


  • No additional operator is needed to run the machine – it can be handled by the operator of the FreeSlice® and by the operator of the wrapper
  • Any required formats can be set at the control panel without any rebuilding work – the formats are created on the belts without triggering any product queuing or friction
  • Removal and separation of stacks during the production is possible
  • The conveyor belts can easily be removed for cleaning
  • Automatic discharge function for products

Your Options

» Natec FreeStacker
(short version for stacking only)
» Mobile design
» Left and right hand version

» Integration of buffering station for
exact interspaces during infeeding
» Oiling of the bottom side

Technical Data

Capacity data
Feeding: 20–180 stacks/min.
= output: 10–90 grouped stacks/min.
stacking of 2–6 stacks into one final
stack possible

Compressed air: 2 m³/h at 6 bar

Possible stack formats (fed to the
Length: 60 mm – 100 mm ( 2.4” – 4”)
Width: 64 mm – 100 mm (2.5” – 4”)
Height: 15 mm – 70 mm (0.6” – 3”)

Machine data
L x W x H: 3,300 x 1,000 x 1,700 mm
(129” x 39” x 66”)
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase / 16 kVA

Multiple stacks
30 mm – 100 mm (1.2” – 4”) height

2 – 6 stacks

According to CE guidelines