FreeSlice® 1500


Producing processed cheese slices (SOS), cubes, shreds and sticks in highest quality at minimised costs.

The Natec FreeSlice® system is the new generation of producing slice on slice (SOS) products and replaces the old chill-roll systems. It is designed to produce slice on slice cheese as well as – with different applications – cubes, shreds and sticks made of processed cheese, analogue or hybrid cheese. An integrated laminar flow system makes safe and trouble-free production without any danger of recontamination possible. Furthermore, the integrated CIP system allows a very easy cleaning. The Natec FreeSlice® system reduces the manpower required for operating and cleaning to a minimum and the vertical design of the belts guarantees high flexibility in slice thickness and formats.


  • Laminar flow system to avoid recontamination
  • The system is fully CIP cleanable including the laminar flow part
  • The central control surveillance system makes a comfortable and trouble-free production possible
  • Different add-ons make it highly flexible for any application made of processed cheese, analogue or hybrid cheese

Your Options

» Natec CrossCutter® XC
» Natec SOS FreeStacker® S180
(for stacking and grouping of standard size products)
» Natec SOS FreeStacker®
(short version for stacking only)
» Natec CubeCutter® 1500

» Natec LongStacker®
(for stacking large size products)
» Natec StickCutter®
» Natec oilspraying unit
» Diagonal cut device
» Reject unit

Technical Data

Capacity data
1,800 kg/h (4,000 lbs/h)
= 2,100 slices/min.*

Width of cheese ribbon
Up to 1,100 mm (43”)

Machine data
L x W x H: 3,000 x 3,000 x 4,100 mm
(118” x 1,147” x 159”)
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase / 46 kVA

Standard thickness
Infinitely adjustable from
1.5 mm – 12 mm (0.06” – 0.5”)**

Compressed air: 1 m³/h at 6 bar,
fresh water for cooling,
cooling: 120 kW / 307,100 BTU/h

According to CE guidelines

Processable cheese
Processed cheese (SOS),
analogue cheese, hybrid cheese

Integrated CIP system

* With slices of 14 g (0.5 oz) / 76 mm
** Depending on final cheese temperature