FreePack® 2000


Producing individually-wrapped processed cheese slices (IWS) using a continuously operating production method.

The Natec FreePack® 2000 machine produces individually-wrapped processed cheese slices (IWS) using a continuously operating production method. Wrapping is performed without risk of recontamination using the hot-fill system. The PP foil used is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Exact sealing ensures the product to be securely wrapped and sealed. The individually-wrapped slices are easy to open. They are of exactly uniform weight and accurately stacked in piles which remain in exact position during transport from the FreePack® to the Flowpacker.


  • Plastic foil need reduced by 10% due to small & efficient welding seams
  • Unique cutting and stacking technique which arranges and coordinates individually-wrapped slices into exact piles
  • High operator comfort and trouble-free production thanks to the central control and surveillance system
  • Less give away thanks to consistent weight by means of a constant control system
  • Twin production: each of the two independently operating lanes produces up to 1000 slices per minute – this makes the production of two different cheese types at the same time possible

Your Options

» Dosing tank
» Buffer table
» Inkjet printer for marking („open here“)
» Metal detector

» line converger
» slice format 86x86 mm
» IWS Mixstacker

Technical Data

Capacity data
Max. 2000 slices/min. = 2,400 kg/h*
(5,300 lbs/h)

Compressed air: 10m³/h at 6 bar,
fresh water for cooling,
cooling: 220 kW / 750,700 BTU/h

Machine data
L x W x H: 6,700 x 13,200 x
2,200 mm (165” x 40” x 84”)
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase / 15 kVA

According to CE guidelines

Cooling water
Hygienically pure water at an operating
temperature of approx. 3°C
Equipped with an integrated secondary
cooling circuit including a
heat exchanger and a circulating

Slice weight
Infinitely adjustable from 13 g – 30 g
(depending on the cheese texture)
Option: 30 g – 42 g

Package sizes
Stacks of 3 – 25 slices possible
Max. stacking height: 75 mm (3”)

Processable cheese solids
Water content 40%–56%
dry matter 44%–60% with 45% fat
content, depending on the real
cheese recipe

Slice format
Slice thickness variable from 1.5 to
3.5 mm (0.06” – 0.14”)
L x W: 84 x 84 mm (3.3” x 3.3”)
(excluding sealing seam: 2 x 2.5 mm)

Contact free sealing:
The film tube is sealed without any
contact: no wear and tear parts at
the longitudinal sealing

* With 10 slices of 20 g each in 200 g packages